45 min.
Про виставу


We invite you, along with your child, to dip into the wonderful world of Ukrainian folklore and poetics, to recall a wonderful folk tale.

Our story begins in a classic way. The family: Dad, Mom and children - the older girl Nastusia and her younger brother Ivanco live peacefully, in harmony. Suddenly, this family idyll is violated by the Swan Geese led by their Leader. They treacherously steal the boy so that he could become their shepherd. A little girl, Nastusia, dares to find her brother and goes on a dangerous journey.

On her way, she meets the wise forest man, who gives her a charming clew. This clew will surely get our main protagonist where she wants, but in order to do that she has to help everyone whom she meets on her way. She ends up helping a lot of characters. Nastusia fixes the Oven, baking a fragrant pastry in it, cleans up the river by throwing stones and branches away from it, helps the Apple Tree by collecting its juicy fruits.

In the end, after all adventures Nastusia finds her beloved brother in captivity of swan geese, where he entertains them by playing the reed pipe. Inventive girl saves Ivanco from his captivity, and both our heroes flee back home. During their escape kids find help from all the creatures that Nastusia was helpful to: River, Oven and an Apple Tree. Eventually children return home safely.

The main idea of our fairy tale is wise, as all folklore is: "The One who doesn’t do evil things has nothing to fear!"

The performance was presented at the XV International Festival of puppet theaters "Interlyalka" (Uzhhorod, October 2015), the Third International Theater Festival in Merzifon (Turkey, March 2017), II Puppet Week of the Asia-Pacific Region in the city of Nunchong (China, June 2017).

The performance won such awards:

  1. "Best female role" - actress Victoria Ogorodnia at the XV International Festival of puppet theaters "Interalyalka" (Uzhgorod, October 2015).
  2. "The best artistic decision of the performance" - artist Nikolay Danko at the II Puppet Week of the Asia-Pacific region in Nunchong (China, June 2017).
  3. "Preservation of national traditions of puppet arts" at the II Puppet Week of the Asia-Pacific region in Nanchong (China, June 2017).
Galina Gusarova
Mikhail Uritsky
Nikolay Danko
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