Golden Chicken

45 min.
Про виставу

We invite our young viewers and their parents to see a touching story about the incredible adventures of one Wolf and his nearly magical transformation from a predatory beast to a caring father.

And our fairy tale begins with the fact that one cunning Fox decides to get rich. Without any hesitation she takes the naive Wolf, who only dreams of stealing some food as her accomplice in crime.

The tricky plan of «The honest enrichment» of the red-hired robber consisted of taking the golden egg away from the original golden chicken, waiting for it to hatch, raising of the newborn golden chicken and collecting golden eggs it will produce each day. But even upon achieving all that, the red-haired hooligan doesn’t want to stop. The Fox plans to take away the hut which belongs to the Old Man and his wife and «live honestly» and «eat good» there. The Fox lives by the motto: «When you rob «honestly», it's not a robbery! »

Naive Wolf agrees to such a plan in hopes of tasty food. He steals the egg, takes care of it, waits for the appearance of a Chicken, and ... what happens next is close to incredible! The newly born Golden Chicken calls the Wolf «Mother» at first, and then «Father»! It helps the parent instinct to awaken in the heart of the Wolf. These events eventually lead to the Wolfs transformation from the wild beast to the caring parent. He changes for the better, becomes a kinder and a softer person. He will not allow anyone to hurt his child.

Lifehack from the theater: if your child is already 3 years old and you are thinking of the best play to start their acquaintance with the magical world of theatre, you should look no further and safely pick this play. Our performance, «The Golden Chicken» is made in the classical method of a puppet show. It uses a folding screen and rod puppets. It helps to create a complete illusion that a puppet lives and acts independently, without the help of a puppeteer. Due to this concept our young audience will sincerely believe in a fairy tale and the events which will unfold before their eyes.

Vladimir Orlov
n. a. of Ukraine Yuriy Sikalo
Nikolay Danko
Nikolai Kalandyonok
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